Changes to the automobile safety certificate program came a few years ago but a safety-check is not a guarantee or a warranty. Sellers who want to toss a resale on the road as soon and as cheaply as possible will always find a way to do it.
If you are about to purchase or sell a used vehicle, the first thing you should do is take it to a mechanic that you trust for a once-over. And the first thing that a decent mechanic is going to do is tell you all the things you need to be aware of before selling or purchasing the vehicle. They should tell you if the tires need replacing, or if the brakes are at the end of their life and a number of other things. They may look for signs that the odometer reading matches the wear and tear on the car, that corrosion is setting in where it may not be visible, or that the car needs an alignment.
A ‘document’ is not a guarantee of the roadworthiness of the automobile or a warranty – so have the vehicle checked by a reputable mechanic. We do safety inspections here!